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    BOM numbering inconsistency

    Benedict Kent

      I seem to be having an odd issue with BOM numbering in drawings.


      I have a drawing from which I have created a BOM from the final assembly listing all the items in it. I have selected follow assembly order and follow sub assembly order along with do not change item numbers. Great everything lists as it should.


      I then create a second drawing I insert the same final assembly to create a BOM however a couple of the item numbers are switched around.


      Where as on the previous drawing the BOM would read 24, 25, 26 etc I now have 24, 26, 25. I untick don't change item numbers and the numbers go into order, but as soon as I hide some rows due to unticking that box the item numbers change which I don't want them to.


      I have attached two images to illustrate. What I can't work out is why on one drawing the BOM lists fine with all  the options selected, but on the second and other drawings I get a BOM like picture 2

      Any ideas.

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          Bjorn Hulman

          Hi Benedict,

          To help you get the solution you're after it would be good to know what you are trying to achieve with the two separate drawings of the same assembly.

          Once we know this, there's likely a good solution to your problem.

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            Dennis Dohogne

            Benedict Kent,

            I don't know if any of these apply in your case, but they are worth mentioning.

            A few tips and things to look for:

            1. You can sort the BOM.  I love this and use it all the time.  It even saves the sort criteria so when there is a change you can just tell it to re-sort to get the list/order updated.

            2. Check to see if items are included/excluded from the BOM.  A lot of folks don't know about this, but properly used it is extremely helpful.

            3. BOMs are tied to configurations so make sure the configuration shown is the same as the configuration referenced by the BOM.

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                Benedict Kent

                HI I know about ordering BOMs and there is one configuration.

                To answer Bjorns question, it is the nature of our assembly and how we have found it best to do our drawings that we have two drawings with the same final assembly. For the second drawing various items are hidden in the drawing (hide component command, not hidden in the assembly) I thought it may be due to me hiding components but it isn't. As a test I created an additional view with the final assembly , created a BOM from that view. There is only one configuration and I have gone through and made sure nothing is excluded that shouldn't be.


                The fact is I will create two drawings, each with the same final assembly, however when I create a BOM in one drawing I have sequentially ordered numbers but when I create the BOM in second drawing I don't.