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Corrupt solid body

Question asked by Özkal Özsoy on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by Christian Chu

Hello All,


I've modeled a car body and planned to use it as a basis for a small 3d printable car. Now i've modeled some details of the toy car and encountered a problem twice.


Everything seems fine, I save the last version of the model and leave office. The next day when i turn on the pc and load the model, I see many errors from top to bottom.


In the first time, I've corrected all the errors (took days) and progressed a bit more into modeling. Today it happened again.


Seems like the main body of the car model somehow changes its solidbody name and everything depending on this name seem to have an error afterwards.

In features which i can change the feature scope later, the mistake can be easily fixed. But in other features it is impossible to fix it apart from deleting them all and try to remodel (like i did when I first encountered this problem).


I'm using solidworks 2014 registered in our university's computer lab.

here is the problematic model.


Dropbox - toy 126.SLDPRT


I appreciate if anybody with a similar experience can help me.


best regards.