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Where does SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect live?

Question asked by Ryan McVay on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Ryan McVay

I'm attempting to understand this new product and to be honest there isn't much information available, yet. So, since SW2017 SP0 is out we can finally get beyond the secret wall of beta.

So, here's my questions:

1. Where does 3D Interconnect live? Is this a tool that requires EPDM or can this be run in a native file structure?

2. I read some place- I can't find the source at the moment- that you can replace the model with an updated model. This is "nice" but don't we want a revision of the native and not a replacement?

3. If you are replacing the model (in its native format) how is SW recognizing and maintaining face IDs?


Thanks in advance! TIA