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    Featuremanager filter not showing items in Patterns

    David Peek


      I am selecting objects and placing them on layers, but many of my parts/ assemblies are in patterns.  When I type in the filter, it only brings up the original part assembly, and I am left manually selecting the other parts in patterns in the featuremanager tree. Is this how it works?  I cant find any detail on this in help etc.


      2016 SW

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I assume you're wanting to apply Layer properties to these components in a Drawing.  If so, right-click on one of them and choose "Component Line Font" from the drop-down.  You should get the dialog box as shown below.  De-select "Use document defaults" at upper left, then you'll be able to select a Layer from the drop-down near the bottom right corner.  "All views" will be selected by default.  If you leave this then the changes will apply to all instances of the component.  If you select "From selection" instead then the changes will only affect the selected component.