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Furnace Flow Simulation Issue

Question asked by Austin Smith on Oct 20, 2016
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So I am new to flow simulation, just started to use the program roughly a little over 3 weeks ago and I am trying to simulate the flow of gases from a combustion reaction of propane with air as well as heat conduction throughout the furnace model. For the simulation I am taking into account both conduction and radiation. The products of a combustion reaction of propane come from a burner inside the model and have been defined as an inlet mass flow with a flow rate of 0.016 kg/s and I have identified a heat source of 295kW on the same face of the burner. There are two vents in the furnace model, both defined as open to the environment for boundary conditions. I have defined the outside walls of the furnace as Stainless Steel 321 and the inside walls as Brick, fireclay, glazed (to mimic the insulation we plan to use for the actual furnace). For the default wall thermal condition, I am not exactly sure what option to select. For most of the simulations I have run I've used adiabatic wall. I have calculations that say the average inside wall temperature should reach roughly 479 K. I have also tried to set the initial and ambient temperature of the environment to reach around 1470 K after a certain amount of time (through the setup wizard) using the dependency option with an initial temperature of 293 K and after running the simulation, the furnace stays at the indicated 293 K and does not reach anywhere near the specified 1470 K. I have multiple projects in the file below from trying various options for the simulation to no avail.


I am not sure what I am doing wrong and would greatly appreciate help with this. My major issue currently is the temperature distribution through the furnace. The furnace walls do not display they are changing in temperature. When I put a Cut Plot inside the furnace to displace the temperature, the inside of the furnace is not affected whatsoever. Again any input is greatly appreciated! If anything needs to be clarified feel free to ask! I also attached the most recent cut plot I was able to obtain from inside the furnace.


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