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    Propeller boundary boss/base problem

    David Lake


      I am trying to model a propeller by boundary boss/base, so I have created several twisted and scaled airfoil sections and a couple of guide splines.

      Detail of the tips:


      When I select the guides in the first direction it seems to be all OK:



      But when I select one of the guides in the second direction the model twist in one of the tips and I can't do anything to move the connectors. If I continue to add the second guide in the second direction the model don't even show up.


      Thank you

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          Matt Wallace

          I think you are trying to do too much with one feature, and are running into a underlying divide by zero issue at the tips.  Select all your sections as direction 1 and you should get your blade, and then create the tips with other means.  Although I would be tempted to build your blade past the tips and then trim it back.

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            Christian Chu

            Are you going to use Guide1 and Guide2 for guide curves? if so, you'd have a problem of self-intersection geometry

            and As Matt suggested, you'd better break it into small sections; otherwise, its hard to use one feature for all

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              Pedro García

              Hello david,

              I looked at your sktches and have some splines problems, i think,

              it is becoming over defined when i try convert and add more divisions points,

              what matt sad its true.


              my tips for you:

              try rebuild your splines to something like that:

              I remade it  with two splines and you need to do all sktches  with the same number off "divions/points" it is important to use loft or bondary surfaces


              to better results remember to do the guide lines in "center of tangency out" i dont know how splain that

              take a look (you can use 3D splines for that) for exeple:




              when you goint to build a surface try use "selection manager" to select only top section and build only the haf surface:



              after that make another side using the surfaces lines and add tangency contition


              the ends lines I whould do something like that to avoid some futute problem with your surface (like shell tool)



              SolidWorks Surfacing: Avoiding Degenerate Surfaces - SolidWorks Training by SolidWize - YouTube :



              I think this should be enough to fix your model.


              Pedro Garcia