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Bodysketch error on new toolbox screw

Question asked by Loris Rosa on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2018 by Kurt Nienberg

Hello Folks,


I'm trying to create a new M14 Screw on my toolbox, but after creating it, an error appear on the BaseBody sketch (BodySke)


what I have done to create the screw is:


1: on the 1st toolbox tab, hole section, I created a new custom thread M!4

2: went on the 2nd tab of the toolbox and created a new screw under iso->screw->exa head screw->size

3: filled data on screw length and thread data

4:insert the new screw in an assembly

5: get the error


I could image that there is some missing or non compatible data, but I cannot figure out witch one could be

I'm using SW2014 Sp 5.0



Hoping in some help, thanks a lot for any suggestion