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Why can't I list spring connector forces? How is it done?

Question asked by Jonathan Adams on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by Ryan Dark

I have a non-linear study in which I am simulating a cable truss with pre-loaded tension rods. The rods are modeled using spring connectors and given equivalent stiffnesses and various pre-loads. When I run the simulation, the physical response on the structure seems to be behaving as expected. I'd like to extract the final spring forces. I thought the way to do this would be to go results>list connector force. However, all I get are several messages pop-up that say "Pin/bolt/bearing forces are not available" - as if to say, "hey you don't have any pins, bolts, or bearings, therefore we have nothing to show you. This is confusing because the Solidworks Help documentaiton says that spring connector forces can be listed using this method:

2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - List Connector Force


Does anyone know how I can list the forces of spring connectors in this situation?