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Independent revisions in drawings sheets

Question asked by Claudio Stammitti on Oct 18, 2016

Hello there,


I've been looking for an answer on this but nothing so far.


My problem is that I have drawings with multiple sheets, and each sheet may have an independent revision. As each sheet has a revision table, they can be added independently with no issue. However, the problem is as follows:

  • The Revision parameter in the File Properties box is only related to the document, the drawing file itself, so that "Revision" shown in the title block is also linked to the document and not the sheet.
  • When if I try to run an API to save the drawing in DWG with the revision from each sheet, it fails and reports only the revision of the document (drawing file), so I haven't figured out where to allocate the independent revisions for every sheet (both for the API and the title box for each sheet). And I'd like to avoid creating a revision property parameter for each sheet, as it quite laborious and the number of sheets is not fixed.


Any friendly advice?


Thank you