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better performance on slower computer

Question asked by Ronnie Riedel on Oct 8, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2008 by Jeff Mowry
Hi all SW and CW users!

I am working with SW2008 and CosmosWorks.

Recently i got a new computer, because i thought the calculating performance was a bit slow.

The old Computer: a HPxw4400 with a Intel core 2 CPU6400 @2,13 GHz, 3,25 GB of ram, and a Nvidia Quadro Fx1500 graphics card.

The new computer: a HPxw6200 with double Xeon Processors @ 3,4 and 3,2 GHz, same amount of ram, and a Nvidia Quadro Fx3400/4400 graphics card.

From what i can see, both machines is configured exactly the same, but when i run a small part or assembly through meshing and calculation, the new computer takes twice as much time to complete the job.

I have also tried the Punch Holder -test, and the result was: old computer 150 sec, and the new computer 260 sec.

Why is the new computer slower? Anyone have an idea?