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    Solver log? Infinite elapsed time with no progress.

    Oscar Corripio

      Hello, I generally do FEA in other softwares but I am trying to validate Solidworks simulation. I have set up a simulation which converged for thermal analysis. Then I tried a thermal mechanical (which uses the previous one to invoke thermal loads) and when I run it the solver window comes out but the progress bar never advances. I left it running for 4 days with no progress except for the timer and the memory staying itself high. In order for me to know that the solver is doing anything I would like to see some kind of solver log where it reports its progress or something. Also.. any suggestions to get it to start solving? I have tried simplifying as much as I can.

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          Joe Galliera

          Hi Oscar,

          The issue is related to a pop-up dialog box warning you of an issue with some connectors in the setup.  We know that if this occurs it can be frustrating, especially if you don't see the dialog box waiting for your input.

          We have addressed this issue in the 2017 release, which went live for all customers last night on Oct 17.  With this release, there is now an automatic dismissal of warning boxes that will allow the calculation to continue.


          From What's New document:

          Self-dismissed Solver Messages

          During a Simulation run, solver messages that prompt you with a choice of action automatically time out.

          Click Simulation > Options > System Options > General and select Automatically

          timed out decision solver messages after n seconds.

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              Oscar Corripio

              Thanks for reaching out Joe, I appreciate the quick response and even the call. It does seem that the reason why the bar wasn't loading is because it was waiting for my response in a window that I did not see pop out (it was hidden in my other screen under my browser). It seems to work fine by suppressing the items related to the message or simply responding to the message to begin with. For future instances, I think it would be still useful if there's some kind of log file I could access to ensure that solidworks is working and not frozen on the loading bar.