John Burrill

Anyone looking at Fusion Lifecycle for cloud-based PDM?

Discussion created by John Burrill on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Kip Speck

I've been horse-racing pdm solutions to get to a point where I have a small-to-medium level PDM cloud-based system trying to find the biggest-bang for the smallest buck.  Right now, we're sharing files on PDM STandard over VPN and dropbox and neither is really suitable for highly mobile design teams.  PDM Standard is cumbersome and slow-especially when working remotely (why a 90 Mb file can update over dropbox in 60 seconds and it takes an hour to get the latest version through PDM I'm at a loss to say)  $2K per seat for Enterprise isn't a great price for our organization.  If we were talking to the ERP system or Salesforce or were creating configurators, that'd be fine but we're looking for basic change/file managment and as little explanation as possible.

About 6 weeks ago, Autodesk said they were coming out with an add-on for their PLM package and after watching some demonstrations and videos about it, I'm planning to try getting closer to the product.
Introducing Cloud PDM in Fusion Lifecycle - YouTube


-and a more extensive walk-through:Brian Roepke Presents Cloud PDM in Fusion Lifecycle - YouTube

It looks like a promising set-up for managing multi-cad, incorporating the best parts of dropbox with a good management and tracking system and I was wondering if anyone else was looking at this and where they are in the decision.
Naturally, I'd rather have a Solidworks-grown solution but from what I can tell, SolidWorks drive is just dropbox with a viewer and social media tools.

Anyway, that's my rambling, what do you guys think?