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display state not working in part

Question asked by Jim Mooney on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by Jim Mooney

I built a part (a chassis) in sheet metal , then used it in assembly (added connectors, etc) everything (display-wise) was fine. Suddenly the chassis went into what looks like "shaded with no edges"   and I could not get it to go back into shaded with edges mode. The rest of the parts in the assembly had visible edges. So I went into options, display, and everything looked the same as it always was, but I hit reset anyway, and it still does it. I saved off the part separately with a different name, and it still looks the same. Even deleted all the features so I was back to just a blank chassis and it still won't display edges. Tried it on another computer, and it still won't display edges....any ideas?... Both computers using SW2014....thanks in advance

SW shaded edges.jpg