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Extrusion failiures

Question asked by Chasse Court on Oct 17, 2016
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I am fairly new to Soldworks and am using at the moment the ST9 demo version to try and figure out if it will do what I want which is the equivalent of stain glass windows for computer side panels - I have worked out the first one I would like to try and have it stored as a .dft file with the colours indicating what should be what colour - the problem I am striking is when I attempt to extrude into a 6mm panel part I created just for that purpose any area which is enclosed in an in area that is to be extruded but itself is not to be extruded but remain the height of the original material causes the extrusion to fail, I have also tried this as a depth cut and a boxed depth cut to no avail and it it looking at this stage like the package can't do what I want. If I can't specify an area which is encapsulated with in an extrusion - in order to not extrude it then the package is no good for the purpose I need it for.


I have also noted what might be - and I can't be certain - BUGS, namely that when you have an area that has been filled in a .dft file and you copy the image from the .dft file to a .psm file using copy paste - some of the colours do not copy - although they seem to be there they are transparent and even removing or modifying the fill doesn't bring them back - very confusing.