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Simpler way to sketch complex shapes?

Question asked by Antonio Lee on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by Antonio Lee

Hello everyone,


I want to first apologize if this is a very basic question. I have tried searching it beforehand, but I did not really know what to search. Anyways, I am trying to sketch some figures for a mold - they are actually a combination of arcs and lines as you can see from the first image. This geometry should be simple to create, and I am sure there is a faster process than what I am currently doing. Here are the steps I did:


1. Create circles and rectangles in the desired locations and define

2. Make all of these shapes for construction

3. Use lines and arcs with the construction geometry as guidelines to fully define new figure


This creates a figure with so many relations and I feel some may be unnecessary. On the other hand, it seems equally cumbersome to do this with just arcs and lines. Split entities sounds like a good idea, but I cannot split at an intersection (rectangle and circle) perfectly. Any tips or advise to make this an easier process?




Thank you so much!