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Do an ABS Texture (Lego)

Question asked by Garcia Jonathan on Oct 8, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2008 by Garcia Jonathan
(I'm not Anglish )

I have difficulties since many times.I would like to create a texture as close as possible (or even identical ) than Lego Plastic, an ABS, with his own caracteristics (graphical caracteristics, and not mechanical).

And then, have the most realistic render with all differents colors.

But I cannot, render is not good, pale, insipid yellow, ... with "half bright plastic".

Lights and scenes modifications change nothing. So, i search a better material, with best adjustement.

Initially, I took the "half bright plastic" without really worry about the quality of material for the rendering, it was not a problème, but now...

For information, all Lego colours are here: and

i'm with SW2008, 2009 will come in next weeks.

If there AFL's, please, help :/


PS: Its understandable?