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    SW Visualise, dark interiors

    Stuart Wortley

      Hi there, can anyone help me?  I have an office layout that looks fine in preview mode but also renders out dark, I am using the same settings for render as well as preview and I have tried it with and without the "interior" option enabled.  example renders to show what I mean:

      office layout.jpgoffice layout_Camera_Default Camera.jpg

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Stuart,


          That's a good lookin' scene! Are you trying to do your final render in Fast or Accurate mode? Fast render mode is great for 90% or so of all Visualize projects, however fully enclosed interior spaces need Accurate mode to take advantage of those higher settings to bounce the light around the room.


          Just an FYI - the hardest projects for any visualization software to render are enclosed spaces (rooms, cockpits, trains, etc) and jewelry.


          Rest assured, it will render out realistically in Visualize, you just need to use Accurate mode and maybe crank up the brightness a little.


          SW Visualize is a physically-based raytracing engine, which means what you see in the real world is what you will see in Visualize. If not enough light is bouncing into and throughout your enclosed interior space, then your scene will appear dark.


          Doing one of these or all 3 in unison will give you the results you desire:

          • Increase the HDR brightness slider in the Scenes Tab in the Palette. It it's at 1.00 now, try 3.00 or even 10.00
          • Increase Intensity of the Emissive appearances you applied to your ceiling lights
          • Increase the brightness of each Camera within the Camera Post-Processing settings in the Cameras Tab (Visualize Pro only)


          This next tip won't help make the scene brighter, but will help remove any noise in the final image. As a rule of thumb, most fully enclosed spaces need at least 2500 passes using Accurate mode in the final render. And depending on if those results still need more, then maybe 5000 passes will do the trick. Very rarely do you need to crank it up all the way to 10,000 passes.


          Also, to check your pass count while you set up your project, look at the bottom middle of your screen in the Heads Up Display. Turn on Accurate mode first to see the realtime pass count.


          Hope all this helps!


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              Scott Ellery

              Brian is absolutely correct!


              a great way to see how many passes you may need is make your preview window as small as possible so you can still see the scene and turn accurate mode on and watch the pass count.


              when it gets to the passes that looks the way you want then that is the pass count you need to use on your final render at full resolution