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Editing a step of an explode of a sub assembly

Question asked by Mark Dougall on Oct 17, 2016
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I have a query I was hoping someone could answer about exploded views. When I go to edit a step of a sub-assembly within an assembly, I've just noticed that the edit does not apply to the sub-assembly's file. Have attached a picture of the explode steps:


As you can see I created the explode within the assembly "XL Pro Spine". I then re-used this explode within another assembly. When I go to edit any step within this assembly the changes are made in front of me. However if I were to go back into the file "XL Pro Spine", the edit I just made is not applied. Furthermore when I update the assembly it reverts back to the original files' explode before I made any changes in this assembly.


I've used this feature many times and I'm wondering; has Solidworks always done this or is this a new thing with 2016 or SP4?