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Options and Document Properties wont save Can't change default dimxpert tolerances

Question asked by Sam Groll on Oct 16, 2016

I was designing a part and was trying the lower the DimXpert Tolerances in the Options>Document Properties>Dimxpert>Size Dimension. And when I click "OK" I then decide to go back to the document properties to see if they are changed and they are NOT! I even try and run dimxpert auto dimension but still its just the default tolerances and no matter how many times I go back into document properties to change them, click ok - nothing; they cant be changed?


I tested other things in Options, default template (system options) doesn't get saved when I click ok, wording fonts (document properties) do however.


I need to analyses a tolerance stackup and I dont want to re-tolerance every little dimension, the default of 0.5mm is massive! 


It doesn't make any sense and I've spent a day trying to understand whats going on so if anyone could know what to do it would be great.



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