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Convert an IGES (Sheetmetal) while changing the bend Radius

Question asked by Keith Rutter on Oct 15, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Bob Van Dick

I am trying to convert an IGES file from a customer while changing the bend radius to our standards. I normally do this by extruding through the radius. then cutting away the inside leaving  strait corners. then using the fillet feature to add in our bend radius before converting to sheet metal. While sometimes time consuming, this works well.


Every so often though, there is some geometry that is hard to do this too. I have attached a file where I have corrected all the bend radi. except for one I have having trouble with. I am unsure of the correct term for this, but its the square cut out with a formed tab in the center of it creating a peak.


I can not convert to sheet metal until i fix this geometry. How would one go about doing this?