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Datum Feature problems

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Oct 14, 2016

So I have problems inserting datum features in my drawings.

When I start the feature, no mater what, the first datum is attached to the sheet where I click, not to what I click [-A-].

And I can't move it anywhere. It is just stuck and I have to delete it.

The following datums... data... The following datum symbols work as expected, clicking a line to select the datum object and clicking a second time to place the symbol where you want it. [-B-]

When I select a circular edge the datum symbol is okay [-C-], but when I select a dimension the datum symbol overlaps the dim [-D-].

When I try to extend the dimension line... weird things happen.

Either the datum symbol stays with the dim (not the line) [-E-] or it moves with the ext line by half [-F-].

So I can fudge placing datum symbols for the drawing if need be, but what is going on here?

Does anyone else see this behavior?

I had the same issues in SW15. I am currently on SW16 SP4.