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Automatically move folders

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Lee CS Young

In one area of our vault we have a series of folders with a couple of sub-folders and a handful or two of office documents and pdf files.  These folders are for specific types of projects and will never have any SolidWorks files in them.


I was asked if I could set something up that would automatically move the folder structure and it's files into an archive folder.  But they want it done 60 days after they started the project.


I have no idea how to even start this.  First, everything reacts to an action in the PDM.  Usually through the workflow during a transition and, with the exception of Delayed In State notifications, they happen immediately.  I know that there is a start date associated with a folder in it's properties but I don't think that we could work with that in the PDM.  Maybe in VB but I don't see this as a possibility in dispatch.  Am I right?