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    Automatically move folders

    Stephen Lapic

      In one area of our vault we have a series of folders with a couple of sub-folders and a handful or two of office documents and pdf files.  These folders are for specific types of projects and will never have any SolidWorks files in them.


      I was asked if I could set something up that would automatically move the folder structure and it's files into an archive folder.  But they want it done 60 days after they started the project.


      I have no idea how to even start this.  First, everything reacts to an action in the PDM.  Usually through the workflow during a transition and, with the exception of Delayed In State notifications, they happen immediately.  I know that there is a start date associated with a folder in it's properties but I don't think that we could work with that in the PDM.  Maybe in VB but I don't see this as a possibility in dispatch.  Am I right?

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          I believe you've got the idea right. You need something to trigger 60 days after X happens... Unless X moves through a workflow, things like that just don't happen in PDM Pro. You would need an add-in that runs nightly and handles this unless you use the Delayed in State to notify a live person who then performs the action of moving. At least the Delayed in State helps get the notification out at the correct time.

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            Michael Dekoning

            I also see no way to access the "Deadline" date for a folder in Dispatch or API so you would need to create your own variable for a project start date.

            I think the only possibility is to create an add-in that will run a scheduled Task. This would run on a schedule (perhaps daily) and check if any of the difference between project start dates and  the current date are greater than 60 days and then move the folders and files.

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              Greg Thomson

              If you didn't want the complexity of developing a Task Add-In, you could use the SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in, and write a VBA style script.  You could test and develop within SolidWorks on your local workstation, and then paste into your custom script window when configuring the task.


              ....still requires some programming know how.