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Can't go anti-clockwise in an unconstrained circular sketch pattern

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Rob Edwards

I know in general people dislike sketch patterns I'm wondering is this 1 more reason why - I'm guessing it's an obscure tiny bug.


I'll illustrate with the working example.  It might seem odd but I do have a reason for this construction (I'd like to be able to reuse the instance count variable later on as the number of spaces between the elements)


I've begun by constructing the first two elements of my pattern


I deselect all the ticks except instance count

so far so good, all i have do now is merge these two pts

and I have an unconstrained sketch with just an instance number


This is the behaviour I expect and just what I want - it's very clean and works great (something else will be doing the constraining)


So Clockwise, cool, but I want to go anti-clockwise.  I noticed that reversing the direction makes the angle negative, a clue me thinks


At first it works,,,



but its not happy when you increase the count

OK I thought its unconstrained I'll just get it under control

but no, like Life you cant wind the clock back :/

btw It works if you tick dimension angular spacing which I was hoping to avoid as the angle is worked out somewhere else

Unless someone has a fix its all good I can rejig easy enough