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Need a macro to create a configuration in an assembly and all components

Question asked by Don Carter on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by Charles Winter

I am looking for a macro, or need one created, that will:

1. Start in an asssembly that is open in SolidWorks;

2. Create a configuration "LARGE ASM" in that assembly,

     2a. preferably, this new config is a copy of the "Default" config;

3. Perform the same config creation in all components,

     3a. skip suppressed components,

     3b. skip components that already a config of that exact name,

     3c. work on virtual components as well as external components.


I found one that will create multiple configs and change dimensions... that's too complicated.  I need merely ( ) a copy of the existing Default config under a new name "LARGE ASM" (yes, all CAPS).  If a component already has a config of that exact name, the macro should skip it and keep going.

The average number of components per assembly is less than 100, with the largest being around 200.  I would exclude fasteners by suppressing them first.  There are no Toolbox components.  (FYI: this is "legacy" data. All new files use templates containing these configurations.)


Thanks very much.