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    Mold Design/Heat Transfer

    Aaron Larson
      I am not at all familiar with any aspect of SW's sim packages. I recently heard you can do thermal analysis with it. In designing injection mold tooling we are very interested in heat transfer as it greatly impacts our process.

      Would anything SW offers be helpful in analyzing this aspect of tooling?

      -Aaron Larson
        • Mold Design/Heat Transfer
          It will not help you in the filling process of the mold, but will do transient and steady state heat transfer if the mold is filled.
          • Mold Design/Heat Transfer
            Should be helpful. Depending on what process and the impact you are talking about...the actual molding? For optimizing cooling geometry?

            Finite Element Thermal Analysis of Conformal Cooling Channels in Injection
              • Mold Design/Heat Transfer
                Aaron Larson
                Thanks for the article Greg. Our tooling is for EPDM rubber though which has some different requirements than plastic. I'm new at the injection process itself as well as the material.

                Anyway - yes I'm interested in two things: transient (heating up) of the tool as well as it's steady state. We use internal mold heaters as well as heated platens to heat our molds and are often fighting cold spots after the fact. It would be helpful to apply the proper material properties to all components and run it through a simulation to show us where these cold spots might exist so that we can reverse engineer internal heater locations.

                I'm not interested in the actual molding cycle (fill, pack, warp) analysis. We are currently evaluating another software to do that for us on our intial part designs so that we can better engineer gate sizes, locations, runner geometry, process settings etc.