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Inserting balloon call-out item no. that relates to weld table item no ?????

Question asked by Neville Williams on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Tiffany Brown

I have a client who would like to show a weld table. No problem.

He would like and extra column for a tick mark to show if weld has been inspected. No problem.

He would like all the welds called out with balloons so they can be identified and related back to Weld Table. Big problem !!


I have weld beads in an weldment and have created the weld table on drawing from weldment weld beads.

I can find no obvious way to call out the weld beads with the item number shown down left of table in the drawing. If I use the regular balloon command, it just comes up with a completely different number (weldment item) to what weld bead table shows.

I cannot believe that SWX would create feature in weldments and not follow thru with a command in the drawing to place balloon callouts.

Do you use a note and link to some property? This does not seem obvious or am I missing something here.....