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the simulation result is not consistent

Question asked by Will Kim on Oct 12, 2016

Hello Brilliant minds,


I have been working on structural analysis on truss assembly and I am really perplexed as sometimes the simulation results are not repeatable or 1.JPG

Pic above is the design and the conditions associated with it that i have been investigating. My main interest is the deflection and bending stress in some critical area. Except in the region where fixtures are applied I always used default mesh condition to maintain consistency.
As there are several truss designs I wanted to run, so I jumped back and forth between model and static study.
as built, less wings displacement revised.JPG

first run

as built displacement.JPG

second run

You can see above that the deflection results particularly in the center is different from analysis to analysis. Do you guys know why is the case?
Perhaps I am throwing too much here all at once but just FYI; I am also facing...
1. remote load/mass I set up are not shown in the design panel. It only appears when I edit them. This was not the case with other models I dealt with.
2. All the elements in one side is the exact mirror image of them on the other side. Having said that, sometimes, deflection and/or stress magnitudes turn out to be somewhat different from one truss to the other.@
3.Sometimes calculation just fails. Results shows nothing about stress and deflection.


I really appreciate your effort and willingness to help!