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Looking for a good surface modeler to make car and truck bodies...

Question asked by Ryan Gerrish on Oct 12, 2016

Hello group,


I'm going to be making wood car models on a CNC router soon, and am hoping to find some talent to help me make 3D models of various automobiles. These wood bucks will be used for vacuum forming, and may need to be tweaked after the initial model is made. The model would be just the body of the vehicle, no interior or driveline or anything like that. More like this:


You can see the basic lines of the car, but since it will be thermoformed it wont have any extruding details. The model would have to be made accurately from available blueprints and online photos. I have solidworks and am learning surface modeling, but I'd like to work with someone skilled for the first couple to get things rolling. I can afford a few hundred dollars for the first model and possible minor revisions, with potential for more work if things are successful. (we can discuss pay privately)


Thanks for looking! Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping.