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Is there a way to configure sketch blocks?

Question asked by Frithiof Djerf on Oct 13, 2016



We are producing camouflage systems and are currently undergoing a change of software to SolidWorks, hence some issues...

Our products consist of surface models which then are flattened with a serious amount of hardware placed on the surfaces. Each hardware is a sketch block which later is assigned to a pen layer in our cutter.


The process of what I´m trying to achieve is following:

1...Place and position a sketch block on a surface in a part file.

2. Somehow change the configuration of the sketch block so it automatically changes specified dimensions inside the sketch block.

3. Later be able to select the sketches as "additional entities" in the surface flatten command...


The reason behind this is to be able to reduce the amount of components in our library, since it will be a ridiculous amount of hardware in different variations and it will take forever to build the library and save each file separately.


I know it´s possible to utilize configurations inside a part, but when I create a part with a simple sketch block inside it and then use "insert part" in the part with the surface model, I can´t find a way to translate and rotate the part since it does not contain any body (hence cannot use the move bodies command). Also, sketches or sketch blocks is preferable over parts since those sketches later are transferred as additional entities in a surface flatten command. Otherwise I would need an extra step of converting sketches from the inserted parts to specific surfaces for every hardware, since these sketches needs to exist on the surfaces to be flattened.


I hope I make some sense, and if there´s no efficient solution or workaround to this then it´s time to start building the largest components library in the world

/Frithiof D,Sweden