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Equations. Potential circular reference vs. overdefined sketch

Question asked by Marco Nawijn on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by Marco Nawijn

Here's an interesting problem. I have an assembly composed by a rectangular plate (irregular tetragon) surrounded  by four rectangular profiles (along the plate's sides). Being irregular, the plate is defined by 5 parameters: 4 sides and 1 angle. The profiles have to be attached to one-another along a section that has to be made at an angle equal to the half of the corresponding angle from the plate. Thus I have to indicate this section  in the profiles taking into account the angle of the plate. But 3 of these angles are derived values in the sketch of the plate. I have the option to uncheck the "derived" attribute in their properties, but this option will imply an overdefined sketch of the plate. Another option is to let the values of these angles "derived" values, but in this case I will get an error in the equations that use these values like "potential circular reference".

Does anyone have an idea which would be an elegant solution here?