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    Calling all SpeedPak users - please share your feedback

    Nick Birkett-Smith

      Hi all. I work in the SOLIDWORKS Product Definition team, primarily focusing on assemblies. We are aware that many users have been asking for a way to automatically update SpeedPak configurations whenever the parent configuration changes (SPR 522357). Right now it's necessary to manually update out-of-date SpeedPak configurations.


      There would likely be some performance overhead in keeping a SpeedPak configuration up-to-date automatically, so we are exploring various methods to do this efficiently.


      Question - which of the following describes your SpeedPak update requirements?

      1. I need all SpeedPak configurations in all assemblies to be kept up-to-date automatically.

      2. I only need some SpeedPak configurations to be kept up-to-date automatically.

      3. I prefer to manually update my SpeedPak configurations.

      4. Wait, I've got another idea...


      Please let me know your choice below - it would also be great if you could explain your reasoning. Your feedback is valuable to us, so thanks for your time!