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Creating a smarter General Table

Question asked by Eric Blankinship on Oct 12, 2016

Hello All,


Currently working on drawings that have multiple versions on the same print where we use letters to call out dimensions and then have a table declaring values on the print.  The issue I am currently running into is unless the view is present on the print (either in the field or off to the side)  I can't link the cell to the dimension.  In order to avoid some adding additional views of the variant parts off to the side with dimensions I'd just use equations as many dimensions are kept in a ratio.  The problem I ran into with this is I can't have the alternate version be linked to the dimension with an equation of the scale factor so I had to base it off of the cell that contained the original link.  The issue is that if I add a column or row to the table it is now referencing the wrong cell and giving me the incorrect value.


I'd love to base it off the actual dimension in the drawing view with a ratio factor to eliminate this issue.

Alternatively if there is some sort of excel type of intelligence to general tables so that I could have cell references change or not change.  (It seems the default state here is like having the $B$1 in excel so the references remain locked based on cell)


If anyone knows a solution or has any alternative ideas I could test would be appreciated.