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Any Tips on How I Can Up My Render Speed?

Question asked by Jason Robertson on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by Alan Sweetenham

Greetings All!


I am currently trying to export 20 seconds worth of video at 720p (75 pixel/in) resolution at 30 fps at 2500 passes with a "Quality" render mode and my render device set to "Hybrid" render device setting. The render time is approximately 5 days to complete.


My computer is running Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro with a 8 x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70Ghz processor, 16 GB of system memory, 139 GB of free space, 2048 MB of graphics memory with a graphics driver date of 02/07/2016, CUDA Device count is 1 and the CUDA device version is 7050. My graphics card is an NVIDIA Quadro K2000.


Does anyone have any tips on how I can cut down the length of time it takes to render? My workflow is severely compromised with such a long lead time in rendering video. Ideally I would like to cut my render time to an overnight process, but as a person used to working with video editing suites like the Adobe family of products that kick out video same day, I wouldn't mind some high speed options!


Speaking of which, I know that Visualize is probably more aimed at CAD designers and engineers for the purpose of realistically rendering prototyped products in a primarily still image format, but as a video editor by trade, I find the video interface to be a bit lacking in terms of consistency.


For example, if I place one key frame at 10 seconds on the timeline, duplicate it, move it to the 15 second mark, and have an already established key frame with different parameters at the 20 second mark, I would assume that the five seconds of video in between the 10 second mark and 15 second mark would maintain the same parameters (i.e. hold a camera position for the duration), yet the camera will drift and sway. To eliminate this issue I often have to go frame by frame and basically "stitch" each one down by putting a key frame within that 5 second section with the proper duplicate key frame, which is quite tedious. Perhaps there is a setting I am missing?


In future iterations, would it be possible to make a few adjustment to the key framing controls? Adobe After Effects has a fairly clean and simple interface for key framing multiple items on a timeline with a high degree of consistency. Perhaps the Solidworks development team might find a way to outdo them?


Otherwise, I have enjoyed working with this program quite a bit! I do wish there was more information online in regard to training and tips, but with this program being still only a few months old, I can understand to a degree why the online landscape is a wee bit barren at this moment.


Countless thanks in advance for any future assistance!


Kindest regards,