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    Any Tips on How I Can Up My Render Speed?

    Jason Robertson

      Greetings All!


      I am currently trying to export 20 seconds worth of video at 720p (75 pixel/in) resolution at 30 fps at 2500 passes with a "Quality" render mode and my render device set to "Hybrid" render device setting. The render time is approximately 5 days to complete.


      My computer is running Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro with a 8 x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70Ghz processor, 16 GB of system memory, 139 GB of free space, 2048 MB of graphics memory with a graphics driver date of 02/07/2016, CUDA Device count is 1 and the CUDA device version is 7050. My graphics card is an NVIDIA Quadro K2000.


      Does anyone have any tips on how I can cut down the length of time it takes to render? My workflow is severely compromised with such a long lead time in rendering video. Ideally I would like to cut my render time to an overnight process, but as a person used to working with video editing suites like the Adobe family of products that kick out video same day, I wouldn't mind some high speed options!


      Speaking of which, I know that Visualize is probably more aimed at CAD designers and engineers for the purpose of realistically rendering prototyped products in a primarily still image format, but as a video editor by trade, I find the video interface to be a bit lacking in terms of consistency.


      For example, if I place one key frame at 10 seconds on the timeline, duplicate it, move it to the 15 second mark, and have an already established key frame with different parameters at the 20 second mark, I would assume that the five seconds of video in between the 10 second mark and 15 second mark would maintain the same parameters (i.e. hold a camera position for the duration), yet the camera will drift and sway. To eliminate this issue I often have to go frame by frame and basically "stitch" each one down by putting a key frame within that 5 second section with the proper duplicate key frame, which is quite tedious. Perhaps there is a setting I am missing?


      In future iterations, would it be possible to make a few adjustment to the key framing controls? Adobe After Effects has a fairly clean and simple interface for key framing multiple items on a timeline with a high degree of consistency. Perhaps the Solidworks development team might find a way to outdo them?


      Otherwise, I have enjoyed working with this program quite a bit! I do wish there was more information online in regard to training and tips, but with this program being still only a few months old, I can understand to a degree why the online landscape is a wee bit barren at this moment.


      Countless thanks in advance for any future assistance!


      Kindest regards,


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          Alan Sweetenham

          Hi Jason

          what sort of product are you rendering? typically for a hard bodied plastic/metal product the fast render mode is perfectly adequate and will deliever much quicker results. Even for accurate mode 2500 passes is quite alot unless we are talking about interiors etc.


          The biggest improvement other than that would be adding 1 or more recent generation high end NVIDIA graphics cards to your system officially this is quadro only, the best price/performance ratio currently is the Quadro M4000 but you would have to check if you have a power supply up to the job + cooling, a new machine may sometimes be more practical.


          Interestingly the new Quadro  P5000 and P6000 are due out soon which are supposed to be better at handling multi tasking (i.e. contnuing to work effectively while rendering) However these are much more expensive, the lower end cards will likely follow but not sure when.


          Also as you have a Professional license when 2017 is released (should be the 19th i am hearing!)  you will have access to a license of visualize boost also, which will allow you to offload renders to another system. You could consider having a machine seperate to yours with multiple graphics cards in there or multiple systems (although I beleive this would require more Visualize Boost licenses to be purchased for each system)


          Finally for animations it is likely you just need to edit the keyframes to stop any weird behaviour particualrly with cameras.


          This allows you to get the right transitions/ stop some strange effects i have noted , you just right click on the key and choose edit keyframe, then transition pops up on the right.







          Setting the out/ in to flat/hold prevents any change between two keys


          There is some good content on mysolidworks but I've written a training course (i work for a UK reseller) and i know some other US resellers have done the same.


          SOLIDWORKS Visualize | MySolidWorks Training






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              Jason Robertson

              Thank you for your response, Alan! It is greatly appreciated!


              The company I work for makes sensors primarily for the HVAC industry. I am currently working on a video to promote our upcoming weather shade that offers protection from direct sunlight that might skew the readings of an outside air temperature sensor attached to a roof of a commercial building. I have been instructed to create an animation that has the weather shade rising up to block out the sun with a camera rotation around the item, leading the the product floating onto a wall of a large building while the camera tracks to that location. The owner of our company insists on video quality that will be completely indistinguishable from the actual product.


              From the tutorials I had found on YouTube, it was recommended that for photorealistic video renders, the render settings should be set with at least 2000 passes. Was this erroneous? What render settings would you recommend for grain-free, photorealistic, high definition video? Ideally, I would like to get nice and clean 1080p quality video, since many of these videos I will be creating will be featured on large televisions and presentations, but with the current state of my machine's capabilities


              On a side note: Is there a way to create custom .svap files? I feel as though there will be a plethora of building material textures I will need to apply to building models, in which our products would be affixed to, to give them a realistic feel, and while the current library (both online and in-program) is fairly robust, there are some materials and textures that I feel can't be completely recreated through the specular and normal mapping or the appearance file options currently available. (also, for some reason, when I first received this program, I seem to recall more options listed in all of those fields, but perhaps that was merely my imagination.)


              I should reaffirm that my professional background lies within video production & graphic design and my occupation is within our company's internal marketing department, so my knowledge of Solidworks itself and the creation of models within that drafting program are solely dependent on our engineering department, so if a solution is available that requires work done in that program before being sent to Visualize, I personally wouldn't be able to create said appearance files, texture maps, etc.


              Thank you once again for your assistance!



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              Jaja Jojo

              if for rendering only using solidworks vizsualize going to quadro M4000 or M5000 is a waste of money, solidworks vizualize is supported by Nividia gaming card which has a higher CUDA cores at lower price I do not know if the Nvidia 1080 is supported by visualize now.


              But if your using Solidworks CAD and Solidworks vizualize then the Quadro M4000 or M5000 would be a good choice

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                  Alan Sweetenham

                  Certainly the 1080 and other pascal cards aren't supported by 2016. Hopefully by 2017 but no release notes to confirm this yet. Also if you have space and power 2 m4000 would give better performance than a single m5000. Also give flexibility to us one card for graphics and one for compute task's if needing to work on other graphics heavy apps like cad. As I mentioned quadro is officially recommended bit geforce should work apart from pascal cards  (hopefully 2017 buy waiting on iRay to support them)

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                  Alan Sweetenham

                  Hi Jason


                  You are using accurate render mode. This may or may not be required for you situation, certainly it is worth trying the fast rendering mode and comparing results.


                  One trick is to render the whole animation at  a low FPS to get a preview of what it might look like from different potions.


                  Even In accurate mode 2500 passes may be too high, hard to tell. However before render a large animation I would test at Lower values say 800+ too see the difference.  Even just let the viewport window settle and render to a certain no of passes and see if you can notice improvement or not.


                  Ultimately you hardware is also a bit long in the tooth I have some stat's somewhere between a quadro 2000 and m4000 system and it was quite stinning.  Away from my laptop at the moment though.