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Knit Surface creates group of surfaces not the new single surface

Question asked by Simon Magarill on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by Rob Edwards

I have three surfaces, open “Knit Surface” tool, select all three surfaces (can see them in Selection box), check “Merge Entities”, click OK.


In Design Tree window new surface “Surface_knit1” is shown and when I click on it the entire new surface in the graphic window is highlighted. But when I click in graphic window on this new knitted surface only one original surface is highlighted. Clicking on different area within knitted surface highlights different original surfaces. At the same time in Design Tree window “Surface_Knit1” is highlighted.


For me it looks like I have not single new “knitted” surface but still three original surfaces simply grouped together.


Somehow I need to get one single surface which is created out of initial three. Neighboring surfaces have common edges.


Any idea how to do that?


Many Thanks in advance,