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Circular Pattern - dynamic

Question asked by Pedro García on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2016 by Elmar Klammer

Hello everyone,

I need to do a  Circular Pattern with curvature continuous, after that extrude the sketch with draft,

some cases is better to use Circular Pattern with 3d features, but i am curious, i

I would like to know what is the problem in this situation:


i want rotation/copy the style spline (curvature continuous) and make this automatic/dynamic changeable for the three sides

(when i move the one side, all others move togeter).


The Circular Pattern problem.jpg

but when i do the  Circular Pattern the final points do not merge:

The Circular Pattern problem 02.jpgThe Circular Pattern problem 03.jpg

and when i trie merge them become over defined:

The Circular Pattern problem 04.jpg

is that a solidworks problem?