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How to assotiate a viewer for microsoft word documents

Question asked by Lawrence Kiefer on Oct 11, 2016

I am having an issue viewing previous versions of Microsoft Word documents. The word extensions for my documents ate typically docm, docx and doc.

There is no associated viewer set up for word documents in the viewer settings window in epdm as I would think without specifying one, it would use the system wide default program association. Clearly I am wrong.


When I select a word file and hit the view button, it does open the epdm viewer to show the selected document, which is fine with me.

*The issue arises when I select the same document, click on the history button then select view. I get the following message. I simply need to be able to view different versions in word for all word documents, and respectively for all other file types, excel, PDF etc I need to be able to view different versions in their native programs as well.


Any help will be appreciated.