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EPDM Dispatch Input Formula

Question asked by Paul Trottier on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Bill Stadler

I am trying to use Dispatch to update two data card variables.   Specifically I have a variable for this string:

"Tomatoe - Tomatao"


Now technically this is a list box that also includes:

"Potaetoe - Potato"


The key thing here is that I have a drop down list box in the DataCard I am picking my values from.


Its attached to an EPDM Variable called "YouSayISay"


So I want to use Dispatch to break this single value to these two different values:




We have been doing this at the data card level for years, using the following:




These two input strings break it out to new EPDM variables called "YouSay" and "ISay"


And this works fine on the data card, but filling in these drop down boxes can be a little slow when you pull up the data card all the time every time.   So, I am trying to build out a "In SolidWorks" Solution utilizing the Property Tab Builder.   This is FAST and efficient, and you can run thru the entire assembly pretty fast if you don't have these boxes selected up on creation, and constantly saving the datacard etc...


The problem with the Property Tab Builder is EPDM does not see this as a "Manual Change" to the field, hence the data card does not update upon check in.


So I am looking to move this from the Data Card ==> Dispatch (update values upon Check-In) because I can avoid the need for a manual change, because EPDM will read this value at each check-in


So I have a dispatch script built to update the values on check-in.   In the script I have a dispatch variable = YouSayISay.   This is called "d_YouSayISasy"

So something like this

Left(%d_YouSayISay%, 4)

grabs me the left (4) characters and I can push it to the EPDM Varible "YouSay"


And something like this:

Find(%d_YouSayISay%, -))

will return the numerical position of the "-"


But in the dispatch script I can't get

Left(%d_YouSayISay%, Find(%d_YouSayISay%, -))


RIGHT(%d_YouSayISay%, Find(Reverse(%d_YouSayISay%), -))


So to summarize I want the user to choose the drop down "Tomatoe - Tomatao"   

I want to use Dispatch to break this into the new values of both  "Tomatoe" and "Tomatao"


I am looking for some help to get this syntax co