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solidworks pcb trial/demo?

Question asked by Justin Lee on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by LIN SHAODUN



I'm a "standard" user and do not have access to solidworks electircal or PCB out of the box..


I'm interested in evaluating both Electrical and PCB but don't see an easy way to get a trial version rolling.   Watching promo videos is one thing (and you have my attention), but those videos a far cry from a hands on trial period evaluation.


I'm sure the boiler plate response from solidworks will be to "reach out to your value added partner/reseller"  Ive tried that in the past and gotten no responses.. Im just a peon/grunt, but if the tools are useful to me, management will want to pull the trigger.


It seems either that add-ins like PCB and Electrical are not available for evaluation, or my "value added partner/reseller" is unable/unwilling to get the ball rolling.


Any ideas for getting an eval version of PCB & electrical?  Much appreciated.