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Can't Use Professional License?

Question asked by Kevin Kappes on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by Anna Wood

At my company we have 4 Solidworks licenses.  All 4 are Professional licenses, and the license manager shows 4 Professional and 4 Standard.  Every computer has been installed with Professional, the loading screen says Solidworks Professional, and the My Products menu shows the licensed software on my system as Solidworks Professional (and Circuitworks, but nothing else).  However, I cannot access any Solidworks Professional features (PDM, Photoview, etc.).  There aren't any options for them or way to enable them that I can tell.  Also, if I check the License Manager, only one computer in our office (the one with the license server) actually uses the Professional license.  Every other system is just grabbing Standard despite being installed with Professional.  We're all up to SP4 on 2016.  Is this something that was done wrong on the initial install, or is it a License Manager issue, or is there some obvious fix I keep missing?