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Can not restore/rename vault in PDM 2016 (but could do it previously)

Question asked by Ben D. on Oct 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by John Power

I have had some cases where I had to rename the vault. I used to use this video tutorial from GoEngineer:

SOLIDWORKS Quick Tip - Enterprise EDM, Creating a Duplicate Vault from a Database Backup - YouTube


It used to work with EPDM 2015 (I am not sure if I have done it with earlier versions). Anyhow, now that 2016 versions are here and Enterprise version is called "Professional", I noticed it doesn't work anymore. I do all the steps following the video instructions. Everything goes fine without any error messages, the script (video time is 10:10) also goes well as shown in the video.


When I finish all the steps and try to connect to Administration of the new duplicate vault as admin, I can not do it. If I enter the "correct" user/password (that is the same user/password as the original vault), I get the following message:





If I enter the incorrect user name or password, then I get a different message:



The archive server is fine because I can still successfully connect to the original vault. I suspect that now with PDM Pro 2016 version the script should be modified in some way. I have to mention, that if I restore the vault with the original name (do not rename the vault), it works fine.


Could somebody please check if you would face the same issue after renaming the vault?

What is the problem and how can it be solved?


Thank you for your advice