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Curvature 3D splines problems 2008 and 2016 version... 

Question asked by Pedro García on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Pedro García

Hello everyone, i am new in this forum (sorry for my english), my name is Pedro Garcia, I am from Brazil and this year, owner of a toy factory called JPBrink, i work with solidwork since 2005 making toys projects (i was 14 years old), i stoped in solidwroks sw2008, so this year i decided buy and upgrade to solidworks 2016 licence, and now i am very frustrated, i have the same issues that i had in sw2008 and my work involve 90% surface usage. some of my works made in SW2008:

Baby Driver render A.jpgCogumelo render.jpg Ratinho Render.jpg

UPDATE 10/17/16 ( 04 Curvature continuous problem... file)

Another example of 3D spline for utility that can not currently be used:

The intersections or boundary between surfaces shown in the picture below are in tangency condition to be able to build a curvature surface must first be placed endpoints in continuous curvature ::

sugestão para select manager 07.jpg

To do this, I replace the fillets to fillets curvature continuous, extended the surfaces and made a 2D spline curvature condition and trimmed the surface, the result was a very smooth surface curvature continuous using bondary surface.

sugestão para select manager 08.jpg sugestão para select manager 09.jpg


But when I try to do the same thing but in a situation of curved surface is not possible to place the curvature relations using surface splines:

sugestão para select manager 10.jpg

i really do not understand why this rhappens.


The problem (tail curvature... file)


I need to do a animal tail, this is the situation (made in SW2016):

tail.jpgcurvature Pedro problem 05.jpg

I did the face split/lines using 3d splines on surface (the blue lines)


I am having a problem with curvature surface with spline continuous, for some reason the curvatures is inverting (inflection) next to the final point:

curvature Pedro problem.jpgcurvature Pedro problemb.jpg

So if i set to tangence its look fine, (like in solidworks2008):

curvature Pedro problem tangence.jpgcurvature Pedro problem tangence b.jpg


I thought that was a possibility to the main surface has some curvature problem but don't have any inverted curvature:

curvature Pedro problem 03.png

I know that have a lot others ways to fix that, for eg, add more two controls lines and make the splines curvature from that and drawing it in 2D planes, but i dont undestand

why this happens with 3D splines.


I should do something like that with guided lines to do smooth surfaces:

curvature Pedro problem 12.jpg

I can do curvature from 2D planes with any problem, but i really want now why 3D splines can't :

curvature Pedro problem 2D plane.jpg


Another problem i can't convert/duplicate 3D surface splines in sw2008 i can,

another Topic about this problem:

(2015 and later can not copy / convert a 3dsketch on surface, 2014 and older can. (why?) ):

Pedro Garcia - converter esboço 3d inativo.jpg

I draw using 3D surface splines, because is easyer to me see point cloulds (imagem above), SW16 dont had big improvimentes in "scan to 3D"

for curve wizard too, i can do only 2d curves sections with that like in SW2008, again any big improviments here.

We can't create relations using two "surface 3D splines"

Surface splines not accept any relation from any 3D sketch object

e.g. points or final lines points...

curvature Pedro problem 13.jpg



UPDATE 10/12/16 ( 02 tail curvature... file )

I uploaded a new model, I tried replace main surface using loft surface, and I made

the curvature continuous splines using 2d planes.(image above with zebra stripes)

curvature Pedro problem 06.jpg

but I still having problem with spline 3D curvature (red line).

i tried just set curvature continuous (selecting spline/plane/endline) without a line split in surface, but with this method i don't have

a really good control for the direction tha spline gona out from surface, but nether this method i have good curvature out, see image below:

curvature Pedro problem 07.jpg


i know that i can close my eyes and accept this because my job is with toys, not with automobilistic things, (i had done the tail):

curvature Pedro problem 10.jpg

but i thought that I gonna have big improviments for surface and anylises tools upgrading my SW2008, because it was almost 10 years of development, and i do not understand why they didn't improve the software to do better continuous surfaces (maybe i am wrong or maybe SW team don't want improves this for some reason,).


UPDATE 10/13/16 ( 03 tail curvature... file)

I tried another thing:

extend the main surfaces, split them and convert into 3d sketch:

curvature Pedro problem 12.jpg

theoretically the splited surface lines should be continuous,

but nether with this method i can do 3D curvature continuous with 3Dsplines:

curvature Pedro problem 11.jpg


Thanks you guys for the help and i still waiting an official solution.

Sorry for my english.