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flip axis of three original planes

Question asked by Moon Tail on Oct 7, 2016

Hi designers !


I recently changed the orientation from Y-up to Z-up. When doing this, you need to switch the Front and Top planes. No problem there.

Now, when I want to sketch something, the axes of the Right and Front planes are messed up.
In case of the Front Plane  (see left image below), its y-axis is going to neg Z, so it should be flipped 180° along the X axis.


Now for the Right Plane (right image above), both in plane axes are wrong. The whole plane should be rotated 90° along the X-axis (x should be Y and y should be Z).


Can anyone please help me ? It's been bugging me the entire week. I can't find anything on the internet, you are my last hope.
Thanks in advance !


PS : If I posted this in the wrong section, my bad. Feel free to move it where it belongs.