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I am unable to save blocks in SW 2015

Question asked by Mark Fitzpatrick on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Rick McDonald

In my drawings I have created many notes and blocks to use in our drawings. Our previous version was SW 2012 and everything worked just fine. When we updated to 2015 I opened my notes and blocks and saved them as 2015 notes and blocks. The problem was every time I brought one into SW it would crash. I can still bring in the 2012 saved version of these files without any problems. Yesterday I found a need to create another block. The file would not even save without creating a corrupt file. So now not only can I not import a 2015 save block into SW I can't even create one. I have tried to work with my VAR and have gotten nowhere (yes they are useless).

Any ideas?


This is repeatable!!!