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    Text/Appearance Issue

    Jeff Davis

      I have a sketch picture that i want to cut text into. The picture is inserted on a boss face. My problem is when it cuts into the part, any letter that is closed (like a D or O) the appearance for the inside of the letter will erase the sketch picture. I have tried dissolving the text into just sketch entities and selecting each individual contour but it still erases the sketch picture for the area inside the letters. Any info would be much appreciated.

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          Tony Cantrell

          It would be easier to do the text in the picture itself using a picture editor.

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            Chris Dordoni

            If you really wanted to do this in SolidWorks, try the Texture Mapping tool in Appearances.


            By default, objects are set to "Color". If you choose "Texture" you will get options to set the mapping type (Planar probably) and choose the image. You can drag the image around and resize to your liking.


            Then when you do an extruded cut for the text, the appearance of the text will transfer.


            I attached a simple example. I used Pack and Go to be sure my example image would transfer to your system so you would not get the "Can't find image ...." message. Extract the folder and open the SolidWorks file from there.

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                Jeff Davis

                Thanks for the info. Understood. For this application I would use some photo editing software but I have the same issue with simple labels where I have a text cut feature and configurations for the different words. It does the exact same thing. It seems like solidworks does not consider the inside of words as the same face of the main boss. For this label, I require drawings so I have to use solidworks.