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Graphics issues

Question asked by Seth Renigar on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Andres Lesmes

I am running SW2015, on a Win7x64 machine, with an NVidia K2000 graphics card, running the latest approved driver.


I prefer to have the setting "Dynamic highlight from graphics widow" checked, under System Options>Display/Selection.  This simply makes anything you hover over with the mouse, highlighted.


Here is my issue.  As I am mousing around the screen, any face that I hover over, highlights as it should (all of the edges of the face highlight in red, as set in the Colors options).  However recently, for some reason, as I move off a face, the highlight doesn't go away like it should.  So, for example, if I hover over 20 faces, all of the 20 face's edges highlight as I mouse across them.  But they all stay highlighted.


I can rotate, pan, or zoom the model slightly to get rid of the highlighted edges.  But this is a pain in the neck to do this constantly.  Plus, as soon as I mouse over another face, it starts building up highlighted faces all over again.  It should simply "un-highlight" as I move off a face.


And, what's strange is, it doesn't do this all of the time.  It seems like on a fresh startup of SW, this problems doesn't exist.  However, after using SW for a short while, this becomes a very annoying problem.  I can restart SW and it goes away again, for a short time.  But I can't keep restarting SW every few minutes.


I've included a pic of a model the way it is supposed to look.  And then after nothing more than moving my mouse over it a few times.


Has anybody seen this, or know what might be causing it?