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    Graphics issues

    Seth Renigar

      I am running SW2015, on a Win7x64 machine, with an NVidia K2000 graphics card, running the latest approved driver.


      I prefer to have the setting "Dynamic highlight from graphics widow" checked, under System Options>Display/Selection.  This simply makes anything you hover over with the mouse, highlighted.


      Here is my issue.  As I am mousing around the screen, any face that I hover over, highlights as it should (all of the edges of the face highlight in red, as set in the Colors options).  However recently, for some reason, as I move off a face, the highlight doesn't go away like it should.  So, for example, if I hover over 20 faces, all of the 20 face's edges highlight as I mouse across them.  But they all stay highlighted.


      I can rotate, pan, or zoom the model slightly to get rid of the highlighted edges.  But this is a pain in the neck to do this constantly.  Plus, as soon as I mouse over another face, it starts building up highlighted faces all over again.  It should simply "un-highlight" as I move off a face.


      And, what's strange is, it doesn't do this all of the time.  It seems like on a fresh startup of SW, this problems doesn't exist.  However, after using SW for a short while, this becomes a very annoying problem.  I can restart SW and it goes away again, for a short time.  But I can't keep restarting SW every few minutes.


      I've included a pic of a model the way it is supposed to look.  And then after nothing more than moving my mouse over it a few times.


      Has anybody seen this, or know what might be causing it?

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          Andres Lesmes

          Hi Seth,


          Your description sound like a graphics card problem, although you are on the latest approved driver.

          To see if this is the case or not, I'd suggest to enable OpenGL mode (Options>Performance>Use OpenGL). If this option is not available, then close out of SOLIDWORKS and launch it through the RX tool, using OpenGL mode.


          If the problem is gone, the issue is your graphics card. —In that case I would advise to downgrade to the prior approved driver version.


          If problem persists, the issue is not your graphics card. —In that case I would try repairing the installation.


          I hope this helps. Good luck!

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              Seth Renigar



              Thank you for the troubleshooting method.


              After starting SW in OpenGL mode, the issue wasn't there.  Nothing unusual, as it's never there right away.  But what is strange is that when mousing over faces in this mode, there was at least a second or two delay before the faces highlighted.  I know software OpenGL mode is not as fast as hardware OpenGL.  But I'm not sure if this is normal or not.


              Anyway, so I decided to work with it in software OpenGL for a while and see what happens.  After about 5 minutes, I started getting the same issues.


              Your recommendation with that scenario is to do an installation repair.  That is an act of congress around here.  Could take a couple days to a week to get that done.  Do you think a driver downgrade could possibly fix this?  I'd rather try that first if you think there's a chance....  But I don't want to waste my time if you're pretty confident that it won't fix the issue.

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                  Andres Lesmes

                  Hi Seth,


                  If it happened again, we can rule the graphics card out of the equation.
                  I'd still recommend a repair of the installation. If you are not on the latest service pack, then upgrade to the latest one as well.—That never hurts.



                  Good luck with congress.

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                Jeff Holliday

                I just tried it here and it seems to return to non-highlighted as it should. I did not try it for a prolonged period however. If it starts acting strange only after some time I would suspect something like a "memory-leak" - RAM not being completely released without a subsequent prompting action like forcing a graphics redo by changing the view. Does it go away if you try a Control-B or Control-Q refresh instead of moving the view?