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    PDM Exact Search

    Bill Stadler

      Some of our users like to use an asterisk in front of the part number they are searching for so they do not see other results that may contain the number within.  When doing this it will not find the number in a multi-line field which we have for legacy 2D tab drawings.


      Has anybody run into this or does anybody have any suggestions as to how we could get around this without having to write code?



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          Stephen Lapic

          Bill, trying to understand what you are saying.  They are looking for file numbered 1234 so they are typing in 1234 but they are getting 91234 as well as 12349 so they want to type in *1234 and expect to get only 1234 but instead are getting nothing?

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            Casey Bergman

            From my experience, if you do not use and asterisk it will look for the search string in completely.  Anytime you include an asterisk in the search you need to have one at the end or include the file extension (i.e., .slddrw) as well.  I usually truncate this down to *drw, *prt, *asm for what I am searching for.  If the string is the last thing before the file extension you can include "." at the end of the string as well.

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                Bill Stadler

                Thanks Chris for the link, I will be putting this link in our Friday announcements but that is not the issue.


                For a tabulated drawing you have multiple part numbers.  For Example our part number field in our data card would look like this in our data card for a tabulated drawing.




                "No spaces in between"  Because this is one text variable it would be one string, something like 1000001 1000002 1000003

                So an exact search will not work..


                Because we have drawings that go back to 30 plus years ago and the multiple erp and numbering scheme's through out the years we have instances like"


                part number = 60345 and another file with a part number = 10603450.  If I search for 60345 I will get both files.  If I search for *60345 it will only return the first one and  that is how I would expect it to work.


                The problem comes with the tabulated drawings that have multiple part numbers in the data card, if you use the asterisks it will not find any of the numbers in these cases.  It makes sense since the multiple part numbers are all part of one string that it is searching.


                We could write a search but I am trying to reduce the amount of customization that we already have.


                At first I was thinking it was a bug with the asterisk search when multiple part numbers existed in a data card but after thinking it through I realize it is working properly.


                If there was a data card filed that would act like an object array...


                I appreciate everyone's efforts and conversations and sorry for the confusion.

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                  Stephen Lapic

                  Unfortunately, not all of those work for me.  Space, asterisk, and nothing worked fine for me but not the equals or the question mark.  Of course, that blog was dated June 2015 and I am running 2016 SP3 so that might be a cause.