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After EASM implementation into Powerpoint the presentation crashes

Question asked by Harald Bauer on Oct 6, 2016

Hi Folks,


I would like to implement an EASM file (2014) into a Powerpoint presentation (2010).

The problem is, the first object is working well, but once I switch to the next slide with another EASM object

Powerpoint is crashing! Could it be a license issue, if more than one instance is used?

Can anyone help out? Many thanks!!


(I did the implementation according these instruction:

To embed eDrawings controls in Microsoft Office documents:

  1. Open a new document in Word or PowerPoint.
  2. Click Insert > Object.
  3. Select eDrawings version Control for Object type, then click OK.
  4. Right-click the eDrawings Control box and select Properties.
  5. For FileName, browse to any eDrawings file, then click OK.
  6. Select EnableFeatures, then browse to the Property Pages dialog box.
  7. Set the options, then click OK.
  8. Close the Properties box.
  9. To view the eDrawings file, do one of the following:
    • Exit Design Mode (Word)
    • View the slide show (PowerPoint))