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Detailing of handrail pipe on diagonal and coping on both ends (no flat surface to make plane)?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Andreas Rhomberg

Hi All,

Not sure of the best approach to detail out a simple diagonal handrail section with copes on both ends (thus making no flat surfaces anywhere to make any sort of planes).  I've attached the part file as well as the "insert into new part" file and the drawing.  I basically want to put this diagonal pipe horizontal in a view.  I guess I can always sketch some lines then rotate the part in the view to make it horizontal but think there may be an easier way.  I've had handrail in the past with at least one flat side so I could get my quadrant points of the mitered cut and develop a plane but for this type, there are none.  Thanks in advance.