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    Hole Callout - Through to Next

    John Wayman


      I have my hole callout format file set to make callouts for threaded holes as follows:


      * Blind Hole

      TAP-BLIND=<hw-threaddesc> - 6H X <hw-threaddepth> MIN FULL THREAD


      * drilledand tapped thru

      TAP-THRU(tt)=<hw-threaddesc> - 6H THRO


      This yields the callouts we like to see on our drawings in most cases.

      For example, a through hole tapped M6 will have a callout reading


      M6-6H THRO


      A blind hole with a 6mm deep thread will have a callout reading


      M6-6H x 6 MIN FULL THREAD


      The problem comes when I use the 'Up To Next' end condition in my hole wizard.

      Solidworks sees this type of hole as a blind hole. So, for example, I drill and tap a hole through one side only of a piece of steel box section 100 x 100 x 8:

      My callout reads M6-6H x 8 MIN FULL THREAD


      I would like to modify my calloutformat.txt file to make the callout for an Up To Next hole read

      M6-6H THRO

      whilst keeping the blind hole callout as

      M6-6H x 6 MIN FULL THREAD


      How do I modify the calloutformat.txt file to achieve this?


      SW2014 SP5