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edrawings 2016 crashes when opening

Question asked by Ed Lucy on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Eric Hasan

Hi folks, hoping someone has a quick fix. We had a client who was using the free eDrawings 2016 viewer on his Lenovo Windows 8.1 laptop and it just stopped working all of a sudden. I've attached a screenshot of the error and it happens as soon as you try and launch the program. It comes up "Application Exception" and starts off with "A procedure imported by 'EModelInterop.dll' could not be loaded" with 15 or twenty lines of other non-descript lines. I've tried the following to no avail:


- uninstalled and reinstalled (after running ccleaner and cleaning up registry with same) in both the user profile and a 2nd profile we use as admin

- machine is not infected and clean of viruses and malware

- Windows is all up-to-date


Both user accounts tested have full admin permissions and 2015 was working but I removed it thinking there was a conflict with both being present but this has not helped. It's interesting to note that I can launch it once after reinstall and it opens, then any subsequent attempts after, it crashes. Any tips, suggestions or tricks to get this working?

Thanks in advance!